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Welcome to the project showcase of WEB3IN Tech-Lab. Here, we feature our most innovative and impactful projects, all dedicated to leveraging the latest WEB3 technology to address complex challenges in the real world. Each project represents the expertise and innovative spirit of our team, aimed at bringing transformative impacts to the industry.

the First Project

Nicho is an NFT creation platform with no trading fees, which assists users to mint and trade NFT artworks on multiple chains. With Nicho, users will experience the complete NFT ecosystem which will include NFT trading, gaming, earning, social networking, intelligentized contract deployment and much more. Nicho’s mission is to provide all internet users with assistance in their Web 3.0 journey.

asteroid x:

Asteroid is an incubation center that offers physical asset digitization, pegging, and equity trading services for early-stage physical mining and energy (M&E) projects, leveraging WEB3 technology.

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