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About Us

we shape the future of the internet

Our story

Web3in Tech Lab has grown from a small team of three to an 18-member innovative company, boasting a market capitalization of over 10 million AUD. We specialize in integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence, transforming traditional industries with enhanced efficiency and innovation. Our journey reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation.

As we continue to evolve, we're eager to explore collaborations that align with our vision, aiming to foster mutual growth and create groundbreaking solutions in the technology landscape.


let web 3.0 take your project to higher grounds

At present, most projects are still working with a centralised development model. What we are doing is to attract users to participate in the development, governance and creation of the project through Web 3.0 technology, and finally hand over the project to users to manage and develop.

Only through the joint management and shared benefit of the project can users spontaneously make the project go further and better.


waht we do


Web 3.0 application project development, and infrastructure applications that bring benefits to the industry.


Provide Web 3.0 project evaluation, analysis report, joint research and development plan.


Provide high-performance multiple solutions based on Dapp for the multi-dimensional industry, and solve the expansion problem of Internet applications at this stage.


Project follow-up services, community management, continuous project development and operation.

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