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Corporate Development

✔️ Completed

  • Establishment and registration of the company.

  • board.Appointment of main directors of the executive

  • Founders' investment.

  • Registration of company and licenses.

  • Legal opinion obtained.

  • Establishment of the Western Australia Office.

  • Registration of the Hong Kong company.

  • Expanding team and office space.

🔄In Progress

  • Preparing for seed round financing.

  • Recruitment for the Hong Kong company.

  • Registration of R&D Center in Chengdu, China.

  • Expanding the client and project reserve pool.



✔️ Completed

  • Team formation and development strategy for the first product.

  • Beta version release and official launch of the first product.

  • Completion of the first solution and private financing round.

  • Development and implementation of Nicho incentive model and marketing plan.

  • Listing of Nicho token and collaboration with top exchanges.

  • Achievement of daily active users and transaction volume milestones.

  • Establishment of Nicho Autonomous Organization and development of the second solution.

  • Development of the first generation DApp demo.

🔄 In Progress

  • Transition of Nicho to community-governed autonomous organization.

  • Completion of five solutions.

  • Release of Nicho core code to autonomous organizations.

  • Launch of the second project.


Asteroid X

✔️ Completed

  • UI design has been carried out

  • ​Landing page and DEMO

🔄 In Progress

  • Launch of a WEB3-based incubation center for early-stage mining and energy projects.

  • Providing asset digitization and equity trading services.

  • Bridging traditional financing with the specialized needs of small to medium-sized mining rights companies.

  • Utilizing decentralized blockchain technology for improved transparency and efficiency.

  • Creating a platform for global investors to engage in high-quality Australian mining projects.



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