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Nicho NFT Launched the AIGC Feature, Making the Perfect Combination of AIGC and NFT

In the past 2022, AIGC has been a well-deserved hot topic in the technology circle.

Currently, the most common AI is Generative AI. In fact, AIGC is a subset of Generative AI. There is also a term in the field of AI called AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which can be understood as the ultimate goal of strong artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to systematically solve and perform "any" tasks that humans can complete.

To achieve AGI, generative AI is an indispensable step. Among them, the text-to-X (text-to-anything) technology based on large language models will have a breakthrough in 2022, respectively in text-to-image (text-to-picture), AI- Applications worthy of global attention have emerged in the fields of generated-text (AI-generated text), text-to-video (text to video), and generative code (generated code). For example, the GPT technology used by OpenAI, its GPT1 has appeared in 2017, and now the GPT3.5 used by ChatGPT will appear in 2022.

Especially in the field of subdivision from text to pictures, AI breaks through the gap between text and images. Just enter a text description, and AI can present the picture imagined in the user's mind. Using text descriptions, based on picture images and stories, or based on professional terms such as artist style, composition, colour, and perspective methods, a complete painting can be generated within tens of seconds, and everyone can become an artist.

For example, this piece of work "created" by AI technology is called "Théatre D'Opéra Spatial". It won the first prize in "Digital Art/Digital Retouching Photo" at the 2022 Colorado State Fair Art Competition and Jason Allen is the artist who submitted this artwork.

Théatre D'Opéra Spatial

To make it simple, AI has learned to "paint with propositions". Even though the public has mixed opinions on AI paintings, we have to admit that the explosion of AI-generated art is irreversible.

As the NFT creator platform of the web3 virtual world, Nicho NFT has access to the current DALL-E2 text-to-image technology provided by OpenAI, optimized the process from text to image to NFT, and directly put it on the market for sale. Users can log in to the official website and testnet of the platform to experience the use, and more functions are being continuously improved.

Users can go to Nicho's testnet to experience first:, if you need to generate better results, you can try to type in more keywords.


The first step, we need to open Nicho's official website under the official link

In the second step, after opening the official website, we can see the PLAY navigation bar at the top, and open the image Generator in the drop-down list. After entering, you can see some keywords recommended by the official, and then click on the keywords you like, and we can also make the paintings you want.

The third step, before the conversion, we first need to link our own MetaMask, and click to log in to use the software and draw AI. If you still don’t know how to use the blockchain wallet MetaMask, please watch our Youtube official channel video tutorial

The fourth step is to see the input box below the AI Image Generator. If we want to get a painting that is exquisite enough and meets our expectations, we need to describe it in detail first. By continuously adjusting Keywords / Phrases, after entering complete keywords, click Generate, and then Nicho can draw the work you want. For example, if you enter a few irrelevant phrases: Lady/Eath/Future/Cat, we can get a very pioneering work of art.

How about it, have you understood the whole process of AI drawing? The above method is to make the whole process into a tutorial and show it to users. Friends can complete the creation of works according to the steps, although AI drawing is not The user friends drew it themselves, but it covers the inspiration and expression content of the user friends, and it is also a good form of self-expression.

For most ordinary people, AI painting creation is undoubtedly a novel experience. You only need to enter the specified keywords to generate the pictures you want, and even subvert your imagination to create bolder creations. In the current era of self-media and low-threshold content production for all, AI painting will also shine in this field. Technology is slowly changing the world. AI "Generation of Art with Wen" is just the tip of the iceberg of AI-generated art, and it will emerge in more future AI-generated art.

Nicho was founded by the West Australian team Web3in Tech-Lab. It was established in March 2022. After nearly nine months of research and development, the first version was launched at the end of November. If you have experienced this platform, you will definitely find that it has many distinctive functions and features, each of which directly hits the pain points in the user's heart, bringing a new and more friendly user experience.

The first thing to bear the brunt is Nicho's 0 handling fee. Users can trade NFT on Nicho without any payment handling fee. Compared with the high handling fee of 2.5%-10% on other platforms, Nicho has no middleman price difference. The model is easier to be accepted by users.

Secondly, as one of the core functions of Nicho, the custom royalty collection function has also received great praise from the market. Custom royalties, as the name implies, means that creators can decide what percentage of each transaction transfer of the collection of works will be regarded as royalties and put into their wallets, so as to bring themselves a stable income after their works become popular. Source of income.

In addition, Nicho also supports the function of one-click casting NFT. This function supports users to upload works in the form of folders, and these works will be automatically numbered. For users, NFT does not need to be minted one by one, which greatly reduces the time cost of their minting NFT.

In this period of market bearishness, many participants are waiting for another bull market to return. And blockchain builders have already begun to gradually build the next major breakthrough in the Web3 market long before the bear market comes.

Let's explore the world of WEB 3 with NICHO! Build in a bear market, harvest in a bull market! Let us continue to pay attention to Nicho and grow together with Nicho. I believe that in the near future, we will reap unexpected surprises with Nicho!

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